Sunday, 18 September 2011

Apple Picking

I writing this quickly before mummy and daddy come home. Mummy and Daddy are always going out to different places, leaving me at home on my own :-(  So I started sneaking into their bag so they would take me too and now I have my own page to share my adventures with you :-)

Today mummy & daddy were going apple picking as mummy thinks she can cook after watching the television and wants to make a pie. I'm just greedy and like apples so my friend Rodger and I snuck into the rucksack and went too! Rodger is very good at climbing being a monkey, so the idea was that he would climb up the trees while I held onto his tail so we could reach the apples
This was harder than it looked. Rodger said it was because I'm too heavy with my shell (the cheek!). When we got up though we couldn't work out how to get the apples down
So we thought it would be best if I stayed on the ground while Rodger dropped apples down to me
It was alot of hard work but we got loads of apples
I've got to go now but I hope to have another adventure soon xx


  1. Yay Vern you got your very own blog!!!! Nice to meet Rodger too :)


  2. What absolute madness - but hilarious!

  3. Hey Vern you are a star and I can't wait to have my picture taken with you again next March - perhaps if I bring this year's picture with me you might sign it for me???

    Looking forward to keeping up with all your adventures!

    Karen x